About the project

Autism Stories is a project born out of my need to better understand and relate to the world of autism. It explores the lives of people with autism and of their families and friends.

I want to show the life stories of people with autism and of those who care for them. I want these stories to be seen and to resonate with a larger public who is not often exposed to the reality of autism. There is no need to tell these stories by turning their subjects into heroes or victims. There is no need to speak on behalf of people with autism. On the contrary, the project tries giving them a voice. It does so by involving them in the choices of photos to be taken but also in inviting them to comment on the photographs selected for publication.

What does their autism mean in terms of daily tasks, parenting, autonomy, relationships, or work? What are the coping mechanisms they develop? How is the interaction between people with autism and their non-autistic peers? How do parents of autistic kids organize their life, build support systems for their children, and manage psychologically?